All Life is Startling

by the clockwork elves

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released June 23, 2017

All Songs by The Clockwork Elves 2015 - 2017

Mastering by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios




the clockwork elves UK

the artist formerly known as stimulus

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Track Name: New Horizons
New Horizons form
Glory coming on
(so long)
Freedom downpour on me
All life is startling

Hello I

You say it's ok to throw your weight around
I claim to understand the shapes and sounds.
Today I felt my body leave the ground.
Track Name: Strawman
When substance is lacking,
and the face is just a mask,
You're left looking for the purity
through the weakend corn.

In sterile cube of hospital room,
born outside of the tribe
that divided and sowed this forest land
with seeds of weakend corn.

Sign me a name and disappear.
Toss me the rule book as you leave.
I take my place cross formed in fields
in human form.
Track Name: The Banishing
Crawling creatures alive and wild
Copper feeds the lives wires.

Loop the audio as circle

Flanked by my allies,
the panthers, crows and wolves.
I make my walk on mineral lines
to take my talk to you.
We chant our focussed resonance
and then laugh about the past.

Loop the audio as circle
Track Name: Ghostlife
This Ghostlife is Ghostlike
Track Name: Forging for Tomorrow
Headless, spying in the sky as always.
Icke has got me in a spin as always.
Life could cease to begin like always.

Handing hammers from within as always.
idle pockets all been filled as always.
It's mine to have, and have and hold for always
I take my time and then it's gone as always
I may have found a place to hide... in all ways.

All things went away.
We're forging for tomorrow...